Are you consuming butter oil or cow ghee?

Are you consuming butter oil or cow ghee?

Commercially, Ghee (clarified butter) is produced by melting and further purifying the butter. In the process, it not only evaporates the excess water content but also burns away any solid content or impurity. This is fairly simple and no doubt produces commercially viable quantities. But neither the process is a healthy nor the ghee production is by the Vedic methods. The so-called ghee produced by these methods lack any medicinal and beneficial characteristics. It is just pure fat and should be called only clarified butter and not desi ghee etc. This kind of fat gives birth to many lifestyle diseases and should be avoided in all respects. Being a commercial process, the pricing of these kinds of products is very low. But remember, it is a trap. Taking in cheap alternatives now can lead to much higher medical bills in future.

So what is the alternative? Pure cow ghee is what our ancestors have always consumed and the same should be the case for us too. But, only pure cow ghee produced by Vedic methods have beneficial characteristics. With Vedic methods, we aim to reach out to our roots and reap the same benefits that our ancestors enjoyed due to their sattvic lifestyle.

Speaking of the Vedic procedure of pure cow ghee making, the process starts much before even the cow starts giving milk. Not only it is a careful and exhaustive process but also involves our dedication and love for the cow. Pure cow ghee is not just a casual food item to be consumed just for the sake of taste, it is a gift of nature and our Vedic traditions. To unlock the pure cow ghee’s health benefits, the cow is treated with utmost care and respect. A clutter and stress-free environment along with a diet that the cow itself chooses through grazing is ideal. It is well documented that when the cow grazes, it not only feeds on healthy grass but also takes in a fair amount of herbs which are known or unknown to science (Ayurveda). This diet makes the cow pass on invaluable medicinal properties into the milk which is not only intended for the calf but also for the keeper who cares for her. It has been shown that lining the water holes of the farm with medicinal plants like tulsi, ashwagandha, turmeric etc, causes the cow to take in more medicinal benefits. These benefits are passed on to humans through milk, urine and cow dung (gobar). Coming back to the process of making pure cow ghee, post taking care of the cow’s diet and other things, the milk obtained has many beneficial properties. After collection, the milk is fermented in earthen vessels to form curd. This curd is then passed on to traditional milk churners called bilona. The bilona is essentially an earthen pot with a churner made of bamboo/wood and a rope to churn the milk. It’s the centrifugal force that separates the white and thick maakhan from the curd. This maakhan is then gently heated to further purify it and then finally, pure cow ghee is produced. This step essentially explains as to why the milk is first converted into curd. The curd making process removes the excess water content from the fat, due to which, only gentle heating in the last process is required. This is what essentially preserves the sanctity and medicinal values of the pure cow ghee and brings out the essential benefits.

There are many retailers who claim to sell desi ghee online or through retail shops. But in most of the cases, not only the quality of production is compromised but also the whole idea of pure cow ghee is lost. In many cases, the producers do not even know about the source of the milk or even worse, they go ahead with only sourcing butter. It very important to have a quality check at every step.

We at Gauvardan, follow each step as mentioned above in a religious manner. Our cows and calves roam around in green grasslands and graze in happiness. Not only they are happy, but they also receive all sorts of attention and care. We do not view this as a commercial activity. For us at gauvardan, this is a duty, a movement and our devotion to gau mata.

Our milk products, especially our pure cow ghee is manufactured with utmost care while following each and every process of the vedic guidelines.

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